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Writing translations and typesetting multilingual documentation is not all I do. I write a client-focused blog too. The precursor of Wordsmeet can be found here: Wordsmeet blog. This blog deals with challenges and opportunities in multilingual communication faced by business owners like yourself.

I also share my expertise in the form of papers and presentations for translation conferences. One of my latest efforts took place in March 2015, when I presented a paper at the MICATA Symposium titled Keep calm, translate slowly. More recently (November 2016 and May 2017), I was invited to give classroom presentations on translation technologies at Aveiro University (Portugal).

I am also an educator with off-line and online classroom experience designing and teaching translation courses. In 2013, I taught a 10-week online summer course on English technical translation at NYU. In 2014, I delivered a 10-week online spring course on Spanish technical translation and another 10-week online summer course on English technical translation at NYU. I am currently a PhD candidate working on my thesis for Aveiro University’s Translation and Terminology Doctorate program.

I also took French classes at Cuyahoga Community College in late 2013. For a change of pace, I took classes on graphic design at the same institution in mid 2014.

My latest project: In early 2016 I enrolled in a PhD Translation & Terminology program at the prestigious Universidade de Nova Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas. The two semesters of classes have been successfully completed. After a well-received oral presentation of my PhD thesis proposal last November 2017, I am focusing on my thesis.


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